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Advent Calendar or 12 Days of Christmas Calendar; Daily gifts for the Holiday

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We have two Christmas Calendars filled with herbal goodies. Shipping FREE.

The first is an Advent Calendar with 28 different packages of herb-themed items that starts on Nov 28 and carry you through Dec 25 with a special item to open each day.

The second is a Twelve Days of Christmas goodie set with 12 packages of herb-theme items which you can use before or after Christmas.

The items are packaged in a paper triangle with ribbon attached,  You can place them in a basket or hang them from a tree or even from your mantle.

Items included are lip balms, bath salts and tub teas, cooking blends, seasonings, cider blends, potpourri, dip mixes, recipes, crafty activities and more.

We do not supply any hanging material beyond the ribbon due to shipping costs this year.

The full Advent Calendar will only be available until Nov 1 so that it will arrive before Nov 28.  We will do a special order for later delivery but will not guarantee it arrives before Nov 28 if ordered after Nov 1.  

We are still folding paper triangles right now but will have photos soon!