Garden Planning part 2 - Spring Activities

Garden Planning part 2 - Spring Activities

Create your garden plan 

You need to make a plan for plants and position in your garden.  You want to take into account 5 things:


1  Color

2  Aroma

3 Texture

4 Focal Point / Focus

5 Environment

Today we will start with Color

When growing herbs, we tend to cut off the flowers to get the tastiest foliage, so we are left with the colors of the foliage where you have shades of green and red and sometimes variegated foliage.  But in a few cases we do have flowers to enjoy, as in the case of lavender, borage, calendula and chives. 


When designing one can use color as a way to focus attention or to create a path for the eye to follow or to create a particular style of garden payout, like the popular bands of color in this photo where herbs are separated by alyssum for the color it brings.


Additionally, you can use foliage colors to create groupings and separate different herbs and plants visually. 


Grab a plant / herb book, like Rodale's Encyclopedia or The Big Book of Herbs by Thomas DiBaggio and Arthur O.Tucker, and start making plant lists, then get some graph paper and start making a layout.  Then come back tomorrow when we discuss aroma ad a design element.

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