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Cooking Herbs

In addition to our Herb Mixes that make dips, dressing, rubs and... 

Herb Flavored Teas

All Herb teas (tisanes) as well as herb enhanced black and green... 

Soup Mixes

We create easy-to-use, Soup Mixes.  All the dry ingredients and seasonings are... 

Tea of the Month

April Showers bring May flowers but also a few dreary days that require a pick-me-up. One great herb to lift spirits is Lemon Balm. I make a great tea for just that purpose - Afternoon Lift! A combination of Chamomile to relax, lemon balm, citrus peel and the warmth of cinnamon make it perfect for Spring.

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Cream Cheese Spreads

Create the perfect Charcuterie Board with our Dips and Cheese Spread Mixes

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    Glad to see new people making what they are passionate about,
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    LOL. I used your line "Too much turf" & my husband

    --Libby Schmidt, WI

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