Halloween Teas to celebrate the Season!

Halloween Teas to celebrate the Season!

Every Halloween we get out some special teas to celebrate the season.

"Tanna Leaf Tea" Herbal Tea - What every Mummy is drinking! This Red tea is made with Honey Bush (Rooibus), Hibiscus and rosehips making a blood red tea!

Red Tanna leaf tea in a spooky Halloween mug
"Halloween Recovery" Tea - A blend of herbs to cure what ails you the morning after the Halloween party and all through the winter. Rosemary helps with your headache, peppermint soothes the tummy and sage gives it special germ-fighting abilities.

Halloween Remedy tea in a zip seal bag
"Pumpkin Spice" Black Tea -- A mixture of fall season herbs and spices with a rich aroma and soothing taste, great after bobbing for apples - chamomile, cinnamon, orange peel, and more, with the addition of black tea to help keep you awake for the pumpkin nights!

"Midnight" Tea - Not an Herb Tea - this one will keep you awake until Midnight. A combination of three rich teas: Oolong, English breakfast, and Gunpowder Green, this blend will keep you howling all night!

Midnight Halloween tea and Black Pumpkin Spice tea

"Spooky Time" Tea - This Apple and Cinnamon flavored blend has chamomile and cinnamon with the added flavors of lemon verbena, rosemary, and rose hips. The perfect accompaniment to apple or pumpkin pie

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