Harvest Teas for Fall!

Harvest Teas for Fall!

As soon as my birthday arrives I am ready for Fall! This year the weather has been hot!  Even on my birthday it was 80 degrees and that was a cool spell for us this year.

But no matter, what when the days shorten and I need a blanket at night I get excited.  This is perfect tea weather and I created some great teas for Fall.  We have a full collection of fun Halloween theme teas, as well as a new blend I call Harvest Tea.

plate with Harvest tea of apples, hibiscus and cranberry

This blend is a fruit, spice and herb combo.  It has apple and cranberry with hibiscus, rosehips, mint and lemon balm as well as cinnamon and allspice for all the perfect flavors of autumn.

With hibiscus and rose hips you have vitamin C to keep away colds and a rich red color.  The cinnamon will help warm you though chilly evenings and mints will give a natural sweetness you can enhance with a few drops of honey.

Like our Halloween Teas, this will only be offered for a short time, so grab yours before Fall ends. And don't you just love our new tea packaging in compostable kraft bags!

Collection of loose tea in brown kraft bags, all Halloween themed

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