Hot Spiced Cider - Advent Calendar - Dec 4

Hot Spiced Cider - Advent Calendar - Dec 4

One of my favorite ‘quick presents’ is a bottle of wine, something that many people resort to buying when they are unsure what to get someone.  I add an extra dimension to my boozy gift and add a little recipe scroll and a pretty cloth bag full of spices contained in the recipe so that the recipient can make up batches of soothing, warming and delicious mulled wine. Sometimes I’ll add a couple of mulled wine glasses (the kind with a handle) if I’ve found some cheaply and pack it all up a basket. At Backyard Patch Herbs we have several sweetened mulled cider blends as well spice-only blends. You can check them out here - Cider Blends.

Hot Spiced Cider

4 cups sugar

4 Tbls ground cinnamon

½ Tbls ground nutmeg

½ Tablespoon ground cloves

Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl and fill individual ½ pint jars.

Label – To Use: Add ½ cup of mixture to 4 cups apple cider or cranberry juice. Or add ½ cup to to 1 bottle of red or white wine.

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