May Day Garden Ideas

May Day Garden Ideas

A Plant Theater, according to the Chicago Botanic Garden is a traditional English presentation of exceptional plants. The plants are potted and placed on tiers of shelves to highlight a collection of the same plant.  They can have 3 to 5 shelves and are ususally decoratively framed. Herbs, flowers, succulents can all be part of these seasonal display areas. 


I like the more traditional shape and design of a Plant Theater with crown molding and an almost inside the house look, but any set of shelves on which you display plants will work. I plant to put one as a type pf vertical garden in my yard this year.

The Plant Theater at the Chicago Botanic Garden is located by one of the entrances to the English Walled Garden.  It is changed frequently so you can enjoy a different arrangement each time you visit.  As it is one of the places at the Botanic Garden with a number of herbs as well as a relaxing formal organization, I enjoy stopping there every time I visit the Botanic Garden.

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