We are open and practicing appropriate food safety measures during the Covid 19 Pandemic
We are open and practicing appropriate food safety measures during the Covid 19 Pandemic
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Mini Herb Wreaths - Advent Calendar - Dec 1

Marcy Lautanen-Raleigh Advent Calendar Christmas decorating with herbs herb wreath

We got two new young cats during the lockdown.  They have never seen a Christmas tree and they love to climb and jump.  They also get along well and play together, one of their favorite activities is Cat Scramble. This is a race followed by a tumble when they catch each other.  I expect my tree to be the termination point for those races.  So as a result, we are putting up the tree with not a single breakable ornament on it.

On my regular blog I have postings on making decorative pinecones (LINK) that will also be part of the tree decorations. But for Advent I thought that mini herb wreaths might be a fun activity for families and friends to create.  They are nicely scented and fun and quick to make. And as they dry, give off a wonderful scent. 

So gather your favorite gal pals on zoom and have a fun hour making fragrant and adorable mini holiday herb wreaths. Not only do these make cute decorations, they are perfect for giving to office mates or neighbors, they also can be used as festive gift tags, or place settings. Use woody winter herbs that dry without wilting for a wreath that stays fresh and smells fantastic for weeks. Along with being pretty, and wonderfully easy to make, each wreath costs less than a dollar to make.

Mint Herb Wreaths


Bunch of fresh rosemary

Bunch of fresh thyme

Bunch of fresh oregano

24-gauge craft wire





Select the longest branches of rosemary when shopping for the herbs, which result in wreaths around three inches in diameter. Pick one branch and bend to form a circle, securing by wrapping with a short length of the craft wire.

Now gather three or four sprigs of the other herbs and twist them together with a small piece of craft wire, leaving a bit for attaching to the round of rosemary.

Create three or four bundles of herbs and attach them to the rosemary, filling in the wreath.

For a pop of color, thread three fresh cranberries with a length of craft wire and attach it by twisting the ends of the wire to the wreath. Finish by tying with a length of ribbon.


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