Inspiration Tea Recipe - Advent Calendar - Dec 5

Inspiration Tea Recipe - Advent Calendar - Dec 5

A delightful combination of sweet and savory herbs that will help you construct a creative frame of mind.  You can make this tea for your wrapping party or give as a gift for a bit of creativity after the holiday! 

Inspiration Stimulation Tea

1 Tbls Hibiscus

2 tsp Lemon grass

1 tsp Rosemary

1 tsp Pennyroyal (leave out if you are pregnant)

2 tsp Basil or Holy Basil

1 tsp Cardamom (crushed pods or seeds) 

Combine these ingredients in a jar and shake to combine.  Store in tightly lidded jar and use 1 tsp per cup of hot water. 

NOTE: Pennyroyal is not recommended for women who are pregnant, so leave it out of the blend or substitute 1 tsp of any mild mint.  If gifting, place the mixture in a decorative jar or tin and label with use instructions and ingredients.

Label -  TO USE:  Place 1 teaspoon in a cup of hot water and allow to steep for 5 minutes.

 Come back tomorrow for a recipe for spicy vegetables

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