Our Blog Resides Elsewhere

Our Blog Resides Elsewhere

We started a blog in 2010 to share our knowledge on growing, using and enjoying herbs.  We share recipes, How tos, history of herbalists, book reviews, highlight individual herbs and generally share anything herb related. You can find it here: www.backyardpatch.blogspot.com
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Comfrey is a great herb for salves and although there are those who recommend it for tea, it is not recommended for internal use. I recommend these posts for some recipes. https://backyardpatch.blogspot.com/search?q=comfrey

Marcia Lautanen-Raleigh

I have been enjoying your site . Many wonderful ideas and products!
I found you by your blog on marsh mallow! I live in north Colorado which is a strange place to try to grow marsh mallow. But I’ve had two plants now for 3 years . I live the leaves velvety softness and wanted to know how to use them.
Anyway do you know anything about comfrey? I have a beautiful plant and wanted to use the leaves but I’m having trouble finding anything about the plant. If you have any ideas I’d greatly appreciate knowing? Many blessings for your herbs and your family.

Carina Pitner

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