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Aftershave, Bright Morning After Shave, natural, chemical-free, herb-based

Aftershave, Bright Morning After Shave, natural, chemical-free, herb-based

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Bright Morning Aftershave

An astringent aftershave of witch hazel and vinegar infused with sage and lavender packaged in a maple syrup shaped glass bottle.

Just for men, this has enough lavender to cut the medicinal smell, but not too much to smell like perfume. Perfect for a man with chemically sensitive skin as only natural ingredients are used.

Aftershave is an important part of a man's morning ritual because the liquid, when used after shaving, reduces the razor burn, and closes pores.

This mixture uses 4 specific ingredients because of their special qualities:

1. Witch hazel – a natural astringent it will clean pores, remove soap and shaving cream residue as well as protecting skin from that exposure of shaving.

2. Vinegar – not as caustic as alcohol, vinegar is a great skin toner and when infused with herbs imparts even more benefits.

3. Sage - Sage contains natural phenol and is effective on germs. No need to worry about razor cuts becoming infected with this herb on your side. Phenol is a powerful and proven antibiotic and disinfectant that kills common household germs. Tests have shown its effectiveness against Salmonella, Staphylococcus and Ecoli.

4. Lavender -– often seen only as a pleasing scent is actually a perfect partner for skin care with a gentle germ-fighting and disinfecting power. Lavender is an antiseptic, a natural antibiotic, detoxifies and most important for the face, a sedative that will relax and refresh the skin after a shave.

We don’t market this product all the time, due to space considerations, as it has to "steep" for several weeks before it is ready to bottle. But we have gotten the materials out and made room in the herbal workroom so that we can mix up a fresh batch just in time for Father's Day!

This item is packaged in an 8 oz. bottle like the kind used for maple syrup, just for kicks. It ships well packed but is not easily breakable.

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