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Backyard Patch Herbs

Dill Dip Mix Herb Blend for Cooking, Hand-blended salt-free dry HERB MIX

Dill Dip Mix Herb Blend for Cooking, Hand-blended salt-free dry HERB MIX

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Backyard Patch Herb Mix
Marcy's Dill Dip
(a salt-free blend)


Among the first blends I ever created and still my most popular is this Dill Dip Mix. Salt-free and filled with natural dill flavor but not so overpowering you cannot use it for other dishes, such as fish and vegetables. Because I grow and dry the herbs used to make these mixes, my herbs the flavors are bright and the shelf-life is 18 months or more. At food tastings I make the Dip Dip with low fat ingredients because no one believes that it tastes so good with low fat sour cream until I show them!

Unlike most dill dip mixes this one features tarragon and chives in addition to herbs you expect giving it a unique sweetness. It can be blended with sour cream, cream cheese, or butter, or just sprinkled dry on vegetables or tuna, and used with lemon juice on fish. Contains: parsley, dill, onion, chives, tarragon, and chervil.

Each mix comes in a zip seal pouch for easy storage along with tips, instructions and easy-to-follow recipes for creating herb-flavored delights.  All Backyard Patch Herbs are raised organically and are chemical and pesticide free.

Among its many uses, including a great potato salad (recipe included with your order), you can make this salad dressing:

Specialty Salad Dressing

  • ½ tsp. Black pepper, ground course
  • 1 ½ tsp. Marcy's Backyard Patch Dill Dip Mix
  • ¼ tsp. Garlic
  • 2/3 cup butter milk
  • 1/3 cup mayonnaise
  • 1 Tbls. Cider vinegar
  • 1 tsp. Prepared Dijon-style mustard
  • 1 tsp. Sugar
  • ¼ tsp. Salt (optional)

In medium bowl add herbs and garlic to buttermilk and mayonnaise, vinegar and mustard. Whisk until well blended and smooth. Add sugar and salt to taste (you may use less than recommended). Serve on salad and refrigerate leftovers in a glass jar. Yield 1 cup. Will keep about 1 ½ weeks or to the freshness date of the milk.


Get ready to take your cooking and entertaining to the next level with Backyard Patch's 45 different "Herb Mixes"! Each blend is carefully crafted to create a specific food item, from dressings to rubs, dips, and spreads. And with our easy-to-follow recipes and tips included, you'll be a pro in no time.

But that's not all - we grow and blend all of our herbs ourselves, so you can rest easy knowing that there are no preservatives or pesticides used. And with a guaranteed shelf-life of at least 18 months, you can stock up and always have flavorful herbs on hand.

Got food sensitivities? No problem! Just ask and we'll make a blend without certain ingredients to accommodate your needs.

Don't settle for boring meals - elevate your cooking game with Backyard Patch's herb blends. Each mix comes in a convenient zip seal pouch with decorative labeling, making storage and organization a breeze. And with years of experimentation and extra recipes and variations included, the possibilities are endless.


For information on growing and using herbs and a showcase of our more than 150 herbal combinations for cooking, bath and tea, please visit our blog:


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