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Backyard Patch Herbs

Dip Mix Collection Choose 1 of 8 different, hand-blended, home grown Dip blends, Backyard Patch

Dip Mix Collection Choose 1 of 8 different, hand-blended, home grown Dip blends, Backyard Patch

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This listing has all of the Backyard Patch Dip Mixes in it. You can choose one or multiples using the variation menu.

You will find listed here, all the dip mixes I make, all are salt-free, gluten-free and preservative-free.

Each mix comes in a zip-seal pouch for easy storage along with tips, instructions and easy-to-follow recipes for creating herb-flavored delights.

We also added Wine dips, for Zinfandel, Rose' and Chardonnay wines!

Here is a detailed description of the mixes:

Marcy's Dill Dip - This mix was my first creation and is the only one to be graced with my name. It makes a superb party dip, just mix with mayonnaise and sour cream (I use the no-fat sour cream and light mayo and my guests can't even tell). Even tastes great with yogurt. Good on carrots or other vegetables and crackers. A staple of all my holiday entertaining!

Salt -free Ranch Dressing/Dip - This mild and tasty blend of herbs creates both a traditional Ranch salad dressing when using buttermilk or a dip for vegetables and chips with sour cream and mayonnaise. Also available in traditional sodium included version.

Herb Cheese Dip - This easy-to-use blend uses Ricotta and Cottage Cheese rather than our usual cream cheese recommendations to make something you can serve as a spread or a dip. You can make it ahead and freeze it too! The flavors go well with both sweet and dry wines, so you can use at your next wine party! The combination includes garlic, basil, parsley, chives, marjoram and black pepper.

Tarragon Yogurt Dip - This sugar-sweetened vegetable dip can also be a salad dressing even without thinning. Making it with yogurt keeps down on the fat. I have used this as a sauce on fish and as a baste on broiled fish. The sugar caramelizes and punctuates any otherwise dull fish. Contains tarragon, sugar, garlic, onion and other herbs.

Fiesta Dip Mix – A blend for making a taco dip that is flavorful and uniquely spicy, but not hot. This mix creates a zesty Southwestern Dip, just mix with sour cream and mayo. Good on tortilla chips and perfect to use creating layered taco salad.

Garlic & Herb Combination - My top seller, probably because of the glorious garlic taste and its versatility. Blend it with butter for killer garlic bread. Put it in oil for a toasted bread dip or pizza topping. Use the recipes provided to create a tomato bruschetta or vegetable pasta toss that is good hot or cold.

Horsey Dip - Horseradish - Spicy dip perfect with pretzels or chips, but also on vegetables, steak and pot roast. Just blend with sour cream and mayo. Powdered horseradish combined with chives & onion makes this a great condiment with mini sandwiches, sliders and burgers.

Green Chervil (Holiday) Dip - For salad lovers I crafted my version of a green goddess dressing. It uses the gentle parsley-like flavor of chervil with the sweet of tarragon and dill combined with the savory herbs of thyme and basil to make a flavor explosion that is a wonderful creamy dressing. Blended with some tart Greek or regular yogurt and mayo you can use it as a dressing or a dip. We served it with carrots at the garden walk and it was a big hit.


At the Backyard Patch Herbs, I craft 45 different blends of home-grown herbs to use in cooking and entertaining.  Each mix comes in a zip-seal pouch for easy storage along with tips, instructions, and easy-to-follow recipes for creating herb-flavored delights.  Although each was originally crafted to make a particular item, years of experimentation by customers and family has resulted in extra recipes and variations which are included with each mix. Although the weights vary, each package contains three (3) tablespoons of the blend which is generally enough to make at least two recipes.

Because I grow and blend the herbs myself, I can assure you no preservatives or pesticides have been used.  All Backyard Patch herbs are raised organically and are chemical and pesticide-free. I can also guarantee that these blends will hold up to storage for 18 months or longer and still provide a flavorful item.


For information on growing and using herbs and a showcase of our more than 150 herbal combinations for cooking, bath and tea, please visit our blog:


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