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Backyard Patch Herbs

Fine Herbs, Salt Free Herb Seasoning Blend, no salt, cooking, chives, chervil, tarragon, parsley

Fine Herbs, Salt Free Herb Seasoning Blend, no salt, cooking, chives, chervil, tarragon, parsley

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Fines Herbs
A blend with chives, parsley, tarragon and chervil

Get ready to elevate your dishes to the next level with my hand-blended seasonings, made with herbs that I grow and dry myself! My Fines Herbes blend is the anchor of all my blends and will add a French twist to your cooking.

This blend isn't just great for adding mild flavors to your dishes, it will truly enhance your food and take it to new heights! Sprinkle it on omelets, soups, fish, vegetables, or even mix it in with butter or sour cream for a zesty flavor. It's perfect for all kinds of potatoes too - boiled, mashed, or baked.

But wait, there's more! I've got a whole range of blends that will blow your taste buds away. From traditional blends like Herbs de Provence, to blends for meat, seafood, and poultry, to blends for soups, salads, and vegetables - my seasoning blends can be used in any dish. And for those who like it fast and simple, we've got a Do-It-All blend that goes with everything!

You can store these blends in zip-seal bags or use them to refill your regular spice cabinet bottles. My Fines Herbes blend is available in a Refill Bag of 1/2 cup by volume (near 2 ounces) for $4.00, or in a glass spice jar also holding 2 ounces for $5.85. So what are you waiting for? Start spicing up your dishes today!

To see all of my herb blends check out our Cooking Herbs 

Get ready to take your taste buds on an adventure with the Backyard Patch! Explore our other Herb Seasoning Blends and over 35 different herb mixes, perfect for creating your own custom salad dressings, dips, sauces, rubs, and flavorings for cheese and butter.

At the Backyard Patch, we're committed to using only the freshest organic herbs, hand-blended to perfection, and guaranteed to have an 18 to 24 month shelf-life. Whether you're a seasoned chef or just starting out, our herb blends are the perfect addition to take your cooking to the next level. Don't settle for boring meals, add some adventure to your life with the Backyard Patch!

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