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Backyard Patch Herbs

Glorious Grab Bag, samples, mix and match, secret stash for men or women

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I cannot throw anything out - it feels so wasteful! As a result I have labels that have the old address, the old phone number, a special promotion where I printed my labels in pink (you just can't use those everywhere!) and others that are printed crooked or with typos, upside down or backwards and I keep thinking I will use them....So now I am!

In this listing you will get at least 3 items from the Backyard Patch Herb catalog that are my choice, but I will listen to preferences if you have faves.

I have Herb Mixes (making dips, rubs dressing and the like); Samplers for herb mixes which include 3 sample-size blends (I print theses upside down all the time!); Herb teas and Samplers of Herb teas, and even a few bath items and kitchen mixes.

I want to get rid of these old labels and mistakes. So if you do not mind the flaws this is a great way to get something cheap - and coupons can be applied for even greater savings -- try PASSPORT10 and see what you get!