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Backyard Patch Herbs

Whole Curry Seasoning, grinder jar, dry herb cooking seasoning, gluten free, salt free

Whole Curry Seasoning, grinder jar, dry herb cooking seasoning, gluten free, salt free

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Whole Spice Curry in a Grinder Jar (medium heat)

My classic curry seasoning in a whole spice version which extends the shelf life and kicks up the freshness. Packaged in a grinder top jar.

You receive a great combination of flavorful spices herbs that you can grind right into dishes as you cook, or onto a completed meal just like salt or pepper grinders.

Easy to use, simple to store and long shelf life all in one package. Plus you can have the finer texture of ground herbs. As an added bonus these grinders release the wonderful aroma of the herbs as they work!

Each Grinder Jar is re-fillable, so you can save the jar and help the environment. This is the whole spice version of our traditional medium heat curry spice that is used in several recipes at the Backyard Patch. We have had requests to make the spice available, so here it is! The mixture contains mustard seed, ginger, turmeric, cumin seed, allspice, cayenne and fennel seed.


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In addition to these Backyard Patch Herbs hand blends gourmet herb salts in grinder jars, Salt Substitutes in grinder jars and 10 salt-free Seasoning blends, and more than 39 different Mixes of herbs used for creating salad dressings, dips, sauces, rubs, and flavorings for cheese and butter.

We also make herbal teas, bath products and 30 other varieties of cooking herbs. For information on growing and using herbs and a showcase of our more than 150 herbal combinations for cooking, bath and tea, please visit our blog

Because I grow and blend the herbs myself I can assure you no preservatives or pesticides have been used. I can also guarantee that these blends will hold up to storage for at least 18 months and still provide a flavorful item.

** If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask and if you want this or another blend made without certain ingredients, please ask as I can accommodate food sensitivities.

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