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Backyard Patch Herbs

6 month subscription Herb Sampler of the Month, dried herbs, recipes

6 month subscription Herb Sampler of the Month, dried herbs, recipes

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6 month SAMPLER OF THE MONTH subscription

Each month (around the 15th) the recipient will receive a single sampler. These two-fold brochures contain 3 different herb blends with recipes and other details in a special three-panel brochure. They ship in a business-sized envelope for shipping cost economy. They are prefect for your family members, office assistant, and business associates and you can give it all year. We have 6 and 12 month sets available.

This is the 6 month set, if you wish to see the 12 month here is the listing: 

You can choose the months you want or simply start the following month on the 15th and continue for 6 months.

Shipping cost only about $1.50 a month so the payment is actually in the gift!

We will choose the first set based on the season and continue through the list of available samplers. If you do not want any tea with your gift, let us know and we will substitute cooking blends in all months, otherwise your Herb Blend of the month will include 1 set of herbal teas and 5 sets of cooking herbs. For more details on all the samplers we make, please see this listing: 

Here is a list (we will choose from this list for the 5 months your recipient is getting this gift with seasonal appropriate items) This is not the order samplers will be sent.

1- Marinade Sampler
2- Grilling Sampler
3- Dip Sampler
4- Cream Cheese Sampler
5- Salsa Sampler
6- Dressing Sampler (Spring)
7- Dressing Sampler (Fall)
8- Pasta Sampler
9- Seasoning Sampler

Tea Samplers – We make more than 25 different varieties of herbal tea, so we crafted 5 different herbal tea samplers. This subscription will include one of the following tea samplers (you may specify the tea title if you want). Teas are in zip seal pouches with cotton tea infuser bags included for brewing. Available are:

A - Cinnamon Fun
B - Chamomile Creations
C - Luscious Lavender
D - Marvelous Mint
E - Perfect Morning

Like all full-sized blends from the Backyard Patch I guarantee an 18 to 24 month shelf-life, because I use only the freshest herbs. All Backyard Patch herbs are raised organically and are chemical and pesticide free.

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