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Backyard Patch Herbs

Custom Designed, hand-blended Herbal Tea for Mothers, Friends, and Tea Lovers

Custom Designed, hand-blended Herbal Tea for Mothers, Friends, and Tea Lovers

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I will make a custom tea, just for you, your organization, shop/store, or special friend or family member.

I have 20 years of experience blending and using herbs in tea. And I will make an Herb Tea or an Herb-infused black or green tea, just for you or the person or organization of your choice.

We can use favorite herbs, those linked by zodiac sign, or any other combination to your liking. We can discuss your options via e-mail.

You will receive with your purchase:
* 2 tins of your special tea blend (custom labeled with name or special name)
* a tea infuser/strainer with beaded decoration (you can choose the color or we will choose)
* your recipe kept on file under your name, never to be repeated for anyone else, for 2 years (with the ability to order refills at a discount)
* a description of the tea and the meanings and uses with the related medicinal properties of the herbs included in your custom blend.

I have made teas for organizations and individuals before and the photographs include blends made in the past, including the Garden Gait Tea a floral blend made for the Women's Club of Lisle and Shamrock Tea and minty black and herb tea blend made for the Wheaton History Center (Illinois).

Here is a list of herbs to choose from to get you started, however other herbs may also be available, so do not be afraid to ask.

Flowers --

+ Calendula
+ Chamomile
+ Lavender
+ Violets
+ Hibiscus
+ Rose petals
+ Rose hips

Herbs --

+ Apple mint
+ Anise
+ Blackberry leaf
+ Caraway
+ Fennel
+ Ginger
+ Lemon thyme
+ Lemon balm
+ Lemon grass
+ Lemon verbena
+ Marjoram
+ Peppermint
+ Spearmint
+ Raspberry leaf
+ Rosemary
+ Sage
+ Savory
+ Thyme

Extras --
+ Lemon peel
+ Orange peel
+ Cinnamon
+ Cloves
+ Nutmeg

These teas will be sent in a decorative container (like a pillow box) with a gift card and explanation of the ingredients with the medicinal and historical properties they possess.

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