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Backyard Patch Herbs

Jar Soup Mixes, Good Luck Soup, Patchwork Soup, 5 Bean Soup or Pasta Fazuul soup mix in a Mason Jar

Jar Soup Mixes, Good Luck Soup, Patchwork Soup, 5 Bean Soup or Pasta Fazuul soup mix in a Mason Jar

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Gourmet Soup Mixes
From Backyard Patch Herbs
Packaged Mix in a Mason Jar, perfect for Gift Giving


This listing is for any one of our herb infused soup mixes in a glass Mason jar. Containing a mix of beans, pasta, rice and herbs these soup mixes have full easy-to-follow instructions.  Jars capped with colorful fabric and jute twine, so you can pop it into a gift bag and have the perfect hostess or housewarming gift.

We can also gift wrap and mail direct this item for your special someone at no additional cost.


With each you just follow the included recipe and add a few fresh ingredients for a perfect soup!

You can choose from any of the following:

Good Luck Soup - It is good luck to serve a bean soup after the new year. A perfect hostess gift for the New Year or to warm your family on a chilly winter evening. This vegetable bean soup is layered in a jar for a colorful look of seven different peas and beans and is simple to prepare. Great combination of herb seasonings using Backyard Patch Bean Soup Seasoning which includes: garlic, basil, chives, coriander, rosemary, sage, fennel, savory, thyme and many others.

Patchwork Soup - This blend of peas, lentils, rice and barley is layered in a glass jar with a seasoning pouch. You can make a great vegetarian soup or add chicken for an out-of-the-ordinary vegetable and chicken soup. Herbs include parsley, sage, pepper, garlic, thyme, chervil, basil, marjoram, celery seed, savory, rosemary, lemon peel.

5 Bean Soup - A five-bean Vegan Soup with vegetable bouillon cubes and herb seasonings to which you just add water for a great soup that can serve about 10 people. Made with Pinto, red, black and white beans and split peas, with black pepper, mustard, mustard, paprika, onion, oregano, rosemary, bay leaf.

Pasta Fagioli (Fazool) - This blend in a quart jar is the traditional Italian pasta and bean soup to which you add tomatoes for a wonderful flavorful winter specialty. Three kinds of beans, seasonings and mini-shell pasta are included in the jar along with full instructions. This jar makes 14 servings.

Our Soups are only offered seasonally, so get them while the season is open! For more soups and items we only offer in Fall and Winter, see the Soup Mixes Collection

Soup Mixes made by The Backyard Patch are a blend of dried natural ingredients (beans, pasta, etc.) and seasonings formulated to create a hearty soup that serves 4 to 6 people. Recipes and variations are included with each blend.

Like all blends from the Backyard Patch, we guarantee an 18 to 24-month shelf-life because we use only the freshest herbs. All Backyard Patch herbs are raised organically and are chemical and pesticide free.


For information on growing and using herbs and a showcase of our more than 150 herbal combinations for cooking, bath and tea, please visit our blog:






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