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Backyard Patch Herbs

Gourmet Mexican Chicken and Wild Rice Dry Soup Mix, Backyard Patch Herbs,

Gourmet Mexican Chicken and Wild Rice Dry Soup Mix, Backyard Patch Herbs,

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** Mexican Chicken and Wild Rice Dry Soup Mix **

From Backyard Patch Herbs 
You just follow the included recipe and add a few fresh ingredients for a perfect soup!

Mexican Chicken and Wild Rice Soup - Add chicken, hominy and canned tomatoes for a great bean and wild rice chicken soup. Garnished with cheese and tortilla chips, this is wonderful and hearty, especially in winter. Full recipe included, so you can use up leftovers. Contains: pinto beans, white & wild rice, cumin, garlic, Backyard Patch Bean Soup blend: onion, black pepper, chili powder, garlic, basil, chives, coriander, lavender, lemon, marjoram, tarragon, oregano, parsley, rosemary, fennel, garlic, sage, thyme, savory, allspice, ginger.

Each Soup Mix is packaged in a cellophane pouch or waxed paper and can be stored in any cool and dry location. A colorful label includes recipes, tips and instructions. To see our other soup listings check out the Soup Mix Collection 

To view the seasonings mentioned in the description separately look in the Cooking Herbs Collection

Soup Mixes made by The Backyard Patch are a blend of dried natural ingredients (beans, pasta, etc.) and seasonings formulated to create a hearty soup that serves 4 to 6 people. Recipes and variations are included with each blend.

Like all blends from the Backyard Patch we guarantee an 18 to 24-month shelf-life because we use only the freshest herbs. All Backyard Patch herbs are raised organically and are chemical and pesticide-free.

Our Soups are only offered seasonally, so get them while the season is open! 


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