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Salsa Seasoning Mixes, Hand-blended salt-free cooking Dry Herb Mix

Salsa Seasoning Mixes, Hand-blended salt-free cooking Dry Herb Mix

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Choose One of these hand-blended, perfectly-crafted
Salsa Mixes
From Backyard Patch Herbs
(Salt-free Blends)

** Please choose which variety of heat you want from the drop down menu **

Salsa Mix - A perennial favorite for all ages, this rich herb, spice and dried red pepper blend is added to fresh or canned tomatoes to create a tangy salsa. Not very wild, but totally salt-free! Contains Cilantro, onion, oregano, cayenne, thyme, garlic, and other herbs.

Hot Salsa - For those who like their salsa a bit warm, this is more spicy than our regular salsa, but not yet too hot. It has a rich herb base of oregano, garlic, and parsley along with cayenne pepper and no salt.

Volcano Hot Salsa - For those who like their salsa to bite back! This blend is a hotter spicier version of our regular salsa blend. A favorite among men, this still enjoys a rich herb base, but has the added kick of ancho peppers and cayenne and still totally salt-free!

Like all blends from the Backyard Patch we guarantee an 18 to 24 month shelf-life, because we use only the freshest ingredients. All Backyard Patch herbs are raised organically and are chemical and pesticide free.

This mix comes in a zip seal pouch for easy storage and contains enough to make at least 2 cups of salsa using fresh or canned diced tomatoes. The package contains three (3) tablespoons by volume of the blend.

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I make 39 different "Herb Mixes." Each is blended to make a specific food item, like a dressing, rub, dip or spread. Recipes and tips for using the blend are included. These are packaged in a zip seal pouch with decorative labeling.

Because I grow and blend the herbs myself I can assure you no preservatives or pesticides have been used. I can also guarantee that these blends will hold up to storage for at least 18 months and still provide a flavorful item.

** If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask and if you want this or another blend made without certain ingredients, please ask as I can accommodate food sensitivities.


Although the weights vary each package contains three (3) tablespoons of the blend which in most cases is enough to make at least two recipes.


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