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Backyard Patch Herbs

Herb Seasoning Blends for Dips, dressings, rubs and more, Choose your flavor

Herb Seasoning Blends for Dips, dressings, rubs and more, Choose your flavor

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I could not decide how to list my more than 39 herbs mixes, so I decided to put them all in one place. Here you can choose from any ONE of my blends for making dips, sauces, salad dressings, rubs, marinades, salsa and more.  All but a few are salt-free, all are gluten free, and none have preservatives or anti clumping agents.

** The purchase price includes ONE mix, please choose from the drop down menu. **

You can now buy as many mixes as you want from this listing. The pricing is still per mix, but if you want more than one choose a larger quantity.

You can see below for more details, or take a look at the photos.

At the Backyard Patch I craft blends of home-grown herbs to use in cooking and entertaining. Each mix comes in a zip seal pouch for easy storage along with tips, instructions and easy-to-follow recipes for creating herb-flavored delights. Although each was originally crafted to make a particular item, years of experimentation by customers and family has resulted in extra recipes and variations which are included with each mix.

Like all blends from the Backyard Patch we guarantee an 18 to 24 month shelf-life, because we hand-blend only the freshest herbs. All Backyard Patch herbs are raised organically and are chemical and pesticide free.

Although the weights vary each package contains three (3) tablespoons of the blend which in most cases is enough to make two recipes.

** The purchase price includes ONE mix, please state your choice in the buyer notes. **


You can choose from (they are in order of popularity):

Marcy's Dill Dip - This mix was my first creation and is the only one to be graced with my name. It makes a superb party dip, just mix with mayonnaise and sour cream (I use the no-fat sour cream and light mayo and my guests can't even tell).

Garlic & Herb Combination - My top seller, probably because of the glorious garlic taste and its versatility. Blend it with butter for killer garlic bread. Put it in oil for a toasted bread dip or pizza topping. Use the recipes provided to create a tomato bruschetta or vegetable pasta toss that is good hot or cold.

Italian Dressing/Marinade - One of the first blends I ever created, this mix makes both a salad dressing and a marinade you can use on beef or chicken. Contains a variety of herbs including dill, rosemary, thyme and onion.

BBQ Spice Blend -- this blend is formulated to give you a quick and tasty BBQ sauce without much work, You blend it into ketchup! You can also make a citrus or vinegar marinade to your grilling as well. This does have a hint of heat but is not overpowering HOT. '

Butter 'n' Cheese - This medley of seven herbs creates a great herbal butter or cream cheese spread.

Curry Spice Dressing - a warmly spicy dressing that can be a marinade and a rub curry is of medium heat.

Ranch Dressing/Dip or Salt-free Ranch- This mild and tasty blend of herbs creates both a traditional Ranch salad dressing when using buttermilk or a dip for vegetables and chips with sour cream and mayonnaise.

Grilled Meat Rub - Inspired herb blend good on any grilled meat. Just rub on before grilling. Totally salt-free with marjoram, basil, oregano, rosemary, tarragon, sage, thyme & savory creating a grilling and roasting flavor explosion.

Four Spice Meat Rub -- A classic blend giving an herb pick-me-up to use for grilling and marinades. Contains black pepper, cayenne, ginger, and cloves with savory & thyme (and no salt!).

Salt-free Lemon Chive Dressing Mix -- It has taken years to perfect this salt-free dressing, but I think I have created the perfect blend of flavors to make an excellent dressing that can also serve as a marinade. It can be made three different ways giving you everything from vinaigrette to a creamy dressing. Contains: Lemon peel, lemon balm, lemon verbena, lemon thyme, lemon grass, oregano, and black pepper.

Salt-free Green Chervil Dressing - This blend of chervil and celery with tarragon, dill and onion makes a great creamy dressing with yogurt. You can turn it into Green Goddess with the addition of anchovy paste.

Herbal Spread -- A versatile blend that makes a good cheese spread, and also an herb butter, herb dip and flavoring for vegetables, pasta sauce & and soup.

Herb Cheese Dip - This easy-to-use blend uses Ricotta and Cottage Cheese rather than our usual cream cheese recommendations to make something you can serve as a spread or a dip. You can make it ahead and freeze it too! The flavors go well with both sweet and dry wines, so you can use it at your next wine party! The combination includes garlic, basil, parsley, chives, marjoram and black pepper.

Horsey Dip -- Spicy dip perfect with pretzels or chips, but also on vegetables, steak and pot roast. Just blend with sour cream and mayo. Powdered horseradish combined with chives & onion. Great for seasonal parties.

Horseradish Spread -- Blend this with cream cheese for a party cracker spread or make your own cheese log. Deep rich flavor from horseradish, garlic and other herbs as a great topping on roasts.

Fiesta Dip Mix -- This mix creates a zesty Southwestern Dip, just mix with sour cream and mayo. Good on tortilla chips and perfect to use creating layered taco salad. Sauté with ground beef for a taco filling that is out of this world.

N'Orleans Seasoning - With the spicy BAM of Emeril, this spice and herb blend will add zest to anything, but especially some southern dishes where you want a spicy meat rub. This blend contains paprika, garlic, onion, & thyme.

Salsa Mix -- A spice and pepper rich blend to be added to fresh or canned tomatoes to create a tangy salsa. Available in Mild, Hot or Volcano Hot.

Poppy Seed Dressing - Traditional poppy seed dressing with an herbal overtone that is perfect or exotic greens or fruit salads.

Lemon-Sage Marinade - Zesty blend for olive oil that will zip up chicken with little effort with garlic and sage and just a hint of pepper & sage.

Provencal Marinade - A wonderful meat marinade crafted from Herbs de Provence, great on meats and chicken. Has rosemary, thyme, lavender and other herbs.

Marinara Seasoning - Perfect blend to combine with tomatoes to make your own dipping red sauce.

Paprika Chicken Rub - Sweet paprika makes this a special blend for grilled chicken that goes well with potatoes and summer vegetables.

Patch French Dressing - Create your own flavor-filled French-style vinaigrette. Good with salads & as a marinade for beef, chicken, pork & shrimp. This dressing has salt.

Pesto with Sun Dried Tomato Blend - A great mixture for olive oil that can be tossed with pasta or used on bread.

Ruby Red Dressing - a sweet red dressing perfect for summer fruit salads and mixed greens.

Caesar Salad Dressing - Make your own traditional Caesar Dressing for a fresh, like a restaurant taste. Also wonderful as a marinade or dip for fish. Does have Parmesan cheese with preservatives. This dressing has salt too.

Cilantro Spread - Another butter and spread mixture, this blend contains cilantro for creating a tangy cheese ball or flavored butter.

Beauy Monde - A no-salt adaptation of the original Beau Monde Seasoning from Spice Island. It is great in sauces, and on poultry, meat and vegetables. Contains: allspice, nutmeg, mace, bay, cloves, and other spices.

Bouquet Garni - Packaged in four ready-to-use cloth bags, this traditional seasoning is good in soups, stews, casseroles, or other cooked dishes. Leave the mixture inside the bag during cooking and remove before serving.

Boursin Cheese Blend - This classic French specialty can be used fresh or frozen for later. Perfect on crackers or vegetables and can even create an Alfredo sauce.

Tarragon Yogurt Dip - This sugar sweetened vegetable dip can also be a salad dressing. The yogurt keeps down on the fat.

Regular Rice Seasoning -- do you find rice to be flat and boring? Then is blend is your you. using Chicken bouillon as a base this blend with thyme, oregano and other herbs, once stirred into long cook or minute rice can really dress up this side dish. Has sodium,

Spanish Rice Seasoning - Add this mixture to any kind of uncooked rice during cooking for easy pilaf. It includes green pepper, vegetable flakes, and a hint of red pepper.

Sweet Hot Mustard - A new blend crafted so you can make your own mustard dipping sauce for wings and chips. Serve hot or cold. Contains: sugar, mustard, horseradish, dry egg and other seasonings.

Bean Soup Mix - Create a flavorful bean soup of your own using the blend we created for our soup mixes. Also makes a great marinade and with sour cream an onion dip.

Cinn-ful Dessert Blend -This multifaceted spice blend helps create pies, fruit compotes, fruit crisps and special muffins. Includes recipes for muffin topping and fruit compote.


For information on growing and using herbs and a showcase of our more than 150 herbal combinations for cooking, bath and tea, please visit our website:

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